Julie and Ivan in the UK

October 30, 2011 – Greetings from Julie and Ivan in Kendal, England: gateway to the beautiful Lake District. For the last ten days, we’ve been sightseeing in England, travelling around by train, underground and local bus. What a time we’ve had!  Now, on our last night, we sat down with some red wine and very affordable Stilton to co-write a blog post describing the highlights … Continue reading Julie and Ivan in the UK

New Opportunity, New Era

It’s the eve of a new and exciting opportunity for Jules in TO.  This week, I began a 7 month contract at Microsoft Canada as a Solution Sales Specialist with the Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelism team. I’ve been in the IT industry for a decade now; in sales, marketing and customer service with a stint as an HTML / Dreamweaver web editor.  My involvement with … Continue reading New Opportunity, New Era


When I was teaching in Nagoya, Japan from ‘89 to ’92, one of the most memorable teachers I encountered was Takashi Hayashimoto.  He was in his 60’s, just about to retire, and fearlessly individual in a country that discouraged autonomy.  He was a controversial figure in the teachers’ room because although he was mild-mannered, he refused to stand up and sing Kimigayo the Japanese national anthem because, to … Continue reading Time

Dad’s Recipe for Prime Rib, Roasted Vegetables and Pear

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Peel and cut potatoes and carrots.  Store in sink in water till needed. Peel and cut garlic into halves or thirds lengthwise.  Peel and cut onion into large slices.  Peel and quarter one pear (removing core and peel) for a surprising treat in the roasted veggies. Using a paring knife, make a deep, knive’s width slit in the rib and then put a … Continue reading Dad’s Recipe for Prime Rib, Roasted Vegetables and Pear

New Beginnings

Talk about a 7 year itch. After exactly 7 years with ObjectSharp Toronto (and an additional year with ObjectSharp Vancouver), it’s time for yours truly to make her last call. It’s not easy to leave my post after so many years at ObjectSharp. I’ll miss my co-workers, my customers, and most of all hearing the joy in a developer’s voice when he tells me his training request was … Continue reading New Beginnings

Merry High Tech Christmas!

Well, it’s Christmas time again. Time for all to revive and treasure the traditions of yesteryear, but also to embrace new customs like…a Christmas blog. Yes, this year I multitasked to such a great extent that my bandwidth was greatly compromised. I did not send out Christmas cards. I did not host a Christmas party. I did not even attend ObjectSharp’s Christmas party. I was … Continue reading Merry High Tech Christmas!