New Opportunity, New Era

It’s the eve of a new and exciting opportunity for Jules in TO.  This week, I began a 7 month contract at Microsoft Canada as a Solution Sales Specialist with the Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelism team.

I’ve been in the IT industry for a decade now; in sales, marketing and customer service with a stint as an HTML / Dreamweaver web editor.  My involvement with the Microsoft development community began while working with Microsoft Gold Partner ObjectSharp and ever since it has been a career aspiration of mine to join Microsoft Canada.  Somehow the stars aligned and my ninja-like chutzpah made it happen.  Thanks, Mom.

Microsoft technology is ubiquitous in our professional and personal lives and Microsoft’s development technologies are at the forefront of our generation.  If you watched the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics coverage on the CTV website you can thank Silverlight, SQL Server and Microsoft Internet Information Services for creating an online experience that allowed the streaming of 28.6 million videos to a peak of 133,785 concurrent viewers.  And don’t get me started on Windows Media Center… I’m in love with Ivan’s and my new home media centre (a.k.a. TV set) since we set up a home theatre PC (HTPC) with Windows 7.  But that topic deserves an entire blog of its own with pictures so stay tuned…

Reading Macrowikinomics (which I recommend everyone should do), one can’t help but see that we are in the midst of a paradigm shift. Smartly, Microsoft is way ahead of the curve for its commitment to community and collaboration innovation.  Rather than succumb to the fate of other industries & traditional business models that have failed to understand and leverage the digital wave, Microsoft is spending more on R&D than any other company in the world – and if that’s not forward thinking enough for you, you can check out their Future of Productivity video to see just what’s in store for the new digital age.

What do I hope to accomplish in the next 7 months?  I have a lot of learning to do.  My main goals, as ever, are to be ethical, authentic, effective, creative and happy (for starters).  I’ll keep you posted.

Jules 🙂

Ivan took this pic of me the morning of my first day at Microsoft:

Here I am about to leave for my first day of work at Microsoft

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