Celebs I’ve Seen

April, 2004 – my first month in TO.  I happened to meet the Skydiggers’ Peter Cash at a Spadina Streetcar stop – then we rode the streetcar together! I wasn’t even going to chat with him, but told myself to be friendly. I had no idea who he was until he told me.

NYC 2009: Rufus Wainwright at Barney Greengrass Deli.  Ivan and I were seated in front of him and I knew it was him.  We both looked at each other and I had to say “Are you Rufus Wainwright?” He was very pleasant and said good bye to us when he left.  Still kicking myself for not asking Ivan to get a picture of us.  Jerry Seinfeld wasn’t there that morning.

May 11, 2004: I was in the Distillery District at around 6 pm Tuesday night and decided to walk around before a meeting. I saw a group of guys in 1920’s period costume and when I asked what they were doing they told me Russell Crowe was just around the corner! So I saw him being directed by Ron Howard (they were filming Cinderella Man). The whole area was done up with vintage cars and it was like walking back in time. Russell’s hair was longer and quite dark. He was all pumped up and boy, is he hot!  Actually, that summer I got off the bus one day and the back facade of the Bay was completed remade as Madison Square Garden:


They also completed remade about 5 blocks of Queen Street.

Montreal in November (not sure of the year): Famke Janssen. I thought, “Ahh, the Montreal women are so chic! Hey, wait a minute – that’s no normal woman – that’s a model turned movie star!” I wanted to tell her that I loved one of her movies but I couldn’t remember the name. By the way, it’s called “Love and Sex” with Jon Favreau.  The answering machine scene is not to be missed.

May 15, 2004: the Chicken Lady from Kids in the Hall!! Mark McKinny was sitting across the aisle from me at “Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love”

-Karen Kain near the Esplanade and Yonge on a regular basis.  We nod.

May 25, 2004: Peter Keleghan and Leah Pinsent of Made in Canada.

 2005: Me and Brent Bambury, CBC Radio at a live taping of Go in Kensington Market.

Me and Brent Bambury
Ivan and I met Brent at a live taping of "Go" in Kensington in 2005

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